• Rebounding from Redundancy

In these uncertain times, redundancies have unfortunately become the norm.  If you’ve just been made redundant, don’t despair, there are some positive actions you can take to help you rebound, recover and work proactively to find your next role.

Here are my top tips that helped me return to some semblance of normal following my redundancies.


Health and Wellness

Priority number one is to look after yourself, that means consistency.  Daily exercise, healthy eating habits and a good night’s sleep need to become part of your routine.  Set a daily plan and stick to it.  Some days it can be challenging, but this will help you develop a healthy and positive mindset. It will help you stay focused.

Be kind to yourself

I took it very personally.  Don’t beat yourself up, you can’t control what has occurred, but you can control how you react. Talk with your family and friends about it, but my advice is to put it behind you as quickly as possible, don’t keep analysing it. Look forward not through the rear vision mirror.  Now is the time to turn your energy into decisive action.  Believe and visualise that you are on the path to something new and exciting.

Review your finances

Assess your finances early on and determine commitments that can be scaled back or parked while you rein in your spending.  You may need to revise your budget and make some sacrifices.  You might not be able to book that holiday next year or have luxuries as often. You might have to suspend non-essential memberships and subscriptions; you might not be able to treat the kids to something new but remember this is a temporary situation.

Evaluate your Skills   

Don’t pigeon-hole yourself in a specific job role. Assess the full range of skills and characteristic attributes you have which are highly transferable to new positions and industry sectors that you may not yet have considered. You can also ask friends and family about your key strengths and areas for development to ascertain which roles might suit you best.  Write an extensive list of the skills you excel at, e.g. Negotiating, mentoring, problem-solving etc. paying attention to what you are great at and what you enjoy most.
Reviewing previous emails, thank you letters, and awards or accolades received during your career also helps to retain confidence and belief in yourself.

A New Opportunity   

Could redundancy be an opportunity for you to consider a different path? It might be a new industry sector or role. Is there something you have always wanted to do? Have you considered setting up your own business using the knowledge and expertise you have acquired during your career to help others?


Use this time to learn something new.  Improve your skills to help you find your next dream job.  Is there a skill or talent you have been yearning to learn?  Now is the perfect time to retrain and upskill.  Consider going back to University to upgrade your skills or do something completely new. Free online webinars and courses are abundant.

Finding Your Next Job             

Be Proactive. Reach out to your networks and let everyone you know you are seeking new opportunities. Update your resumé and LinkedIn profile, set up job alerts, approach companies you would like to work for, don’t wait for advertised vacancies.
Contract Work             

In this ever-changing environment, consider a contract role or two part-time roles rather than waiting for the perfect full-time job to come up.  In the current marketplace, there is already a definite trend toward a ‘Gig Economy’.  It’s the modern way of working now.

Network, network, network

Not only is it the perfect time to reach out to your existing networks but also to look at developing new relationships and broadening your contact group.  There is a vast range of online forums you can join.  Seek out like-minded people, groups and companies who inspire you and can help you in your job quest.

Stay Positive

I am speaking from experience when I say it’s not always easy to stay optimistic during these times. Find what works best for you, it might be meditation, keeping a daily journal, exercising more frequently or taking up a new hobby. Don’t give up!  Stay positive, stay focused and look forward to whatever comes next in your career journey.  Consider it your next adventure!


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