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On-demand contract professionals in marketing, sales, product development, destination management, finance, and more, and this service is free to clients.

Whether you need a short-term or fixed-term contractor, a strategy written, a virtual CFO or CMO, there are many advantages of tapping into the ‘Gig Economy’ way of working. Flexibility enables them to work on either a project by project basis, or be kept on a monthly retainer. This enables your business to access professional talent and knowledge without committing to an executive level salary.

With technology enabling people to work from anywhere, you can access talent that works remotely and keeps other expenses down like car parking, office space, and IT support.

If you need a short-term contractor or a more permanent solution, we’ve got the talent to support your business, and they all have a minimum of 10 years experience in their field.

Download our simple explanation pdf here  Gig Connect Details

Potential “giggers” can contact us by email jason.hill@tourism-talent.com


“At GO we had some mammoth exciting plans ahead around business growth and redefining what Car Rental means to customers. We contacted Tourism Talent to help us find a Head of Marketing and Brand as we like their unique and different approach. TT delivered to us the perfect candidate and we’re huge advocates for what they do!”

James Dalglish Managing Director – GO Rentals

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