• Tourism Talent launches ‘Gig Connect’

3rd May 2020

Press release

Tourism Talent launches ‘Gig Connect’


Tourism Talent New Zealand has launched a new service called ‘Gig Connect’, to assist the New Zealand tourism and hospitality industry rebuild following the devastating impact of COVID-19.  It will give small and medium size businesses access to experts across a wide range of disciplines, saving companies the cost of taking on full time senior executives.


It is the largest data base of senior executives available for contract hire to the New Zealand tourism industry. Everyone has been hand-picked for their extensive experience in their specialist field, with careers spanning from 15 to 40 years.  The experts cover a wide range of disciplines including, people and culture, finance, business restructuring, governance, digital and social marketing, product development, sustainability, marketing, sales, and Maori culture and iwi engagement amongst others, and are available now and on call to assist.


“Tourism Talent had intended to launch this service later in 2020 alongside growth into Australia. However, the current situation faced by the industry meant there was a clear need to make this available much sooner” said managing partner Jason Hill.


’We recognize there are a limited number of businesses that can afford full time executive talent at the best of times, let alone in this tough environment.  With many people now successfully working from home and businesses exploring new ways of working, it makes sense to bring expertise in as and when required, and only pay for what you need’


‘For our contractors or ‘Giggers’ it gives them a chance to share their knowledge and skills across a number of clients, and in most cases allows for a flexible working arrangement, and good work-life balance.  It is a win-win situation for everyone.’


‘Clients get senior experience and advice on a ‘Gig’ or retainer without having to pay a fulltime salary.  In the current environment more than ever, owners and managers are making some big calls and that can be a lonely place. If for nothing else, a ‘Gigger’ gives them someone to discuss ideas with and help look at alternative solutions’.


‘Our partnership with Go With Tourism was the first step, and this is another, to bring practical support to the tourism industry when it is needed most’. Last month Tourism Talent announced a partnership with Go with Tourism designed to keep as many displaced workers connected to the industry and is currently collecting CVs from those who have been made redundant.


To find out more, go to the Tourism Talent website for all the details,




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Tourism Talent is New Zealand’s only dedicated tourism industry executive search, and talent development agency established in 2018 by Jason Hill, Dylan Rushbrook and Nuwanthie Samarakone with offices in Auckland, Central Otago, Sydney and Perth.

Jason Hill, Managing Partner


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